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We were on The Matt Sodnicar Podcast!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Fellow improviser Matt Sodnicar interviewed us for his podcast (appropriately titled The Matt Sodnicar Podcast (natch). We had a blast. Here's what he wrote:

"I sit down with Gail and Bruce Montgomery to talk about the impact the improv mindset can have on an organization. We cover the neuroscience and brain effects and disruption of improvisation, NASA, GoreTex,the Ted Talk "Your Brain on Improv" by Dr. Limb, and the work of Meridith Grundei. For more info, visit"

Hope you enjoy!



Bruce T. Montgomery

President, ExperienceYes

Gail Montgomery

ExperienceYes focuses on corporate innovation, culture and leadership development by leveraging the neuroscience behind improvisation and creativity.

Soft Skills. Hard Results.

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