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Case Studies Details

Oil Field at Sunset

$45M Saved with New Oil Platform Design 


A mid-size oil & gas company was seeking a reduction in OpEx and CapEx as an alternative to a reduction in force. The team was cross-functional and some members had never met face to face. There was uncertainty and fear between teammates and an overall lack of trust.



We led a  multi-day series of sessions steeped in improv to get them to embrace and exhibit “out of the box” thinking, facilitated the conversations surrounding current practice and desired future state, and provided executive summaries of results.


We were able to save the business over 2.4M in both CapEx and OpEx which allowed for this young business to avoid layoffs and discover multiple areas for optimization.

$45M Saved

$8M Client Saved for Muli-national Consulting Company

A large, multi-billion-dollar benefits company was at risk of losing a large, multi-million-dollar client. Their team had been lacking accountability, trust and respect and the client was keenly aware of this. The client had published a request for proposal and we were contacted to work with the account team to increase their NPS (Net promoter score) as well as work on communication, trust and performance.


We worked with the team of 24 for a multi-day engagement and followed up over the course of the next two quarters. We engaged them in an immersive, experiential session focusing on listening, effective communication, feedback and trust.


We increased their NPS (Net promoter score) from 4 to 9 over the next quarter, and the team maintained the account.

Net Promoter Score
$8M Client Saved
Increased Client Engagement
Money Saving with Stacked Quarters

Increased Employee Engagement


A financial team at a local loan company was struggling to keep up with an increased workload and deliverables were falling through the cracks. Deadlines were missed, turnover increased due to stress and lack of communication, and the team was at risk of missing objectives.



We led a full-day interactive session focused on identifying gaps within the team, broken and poorly functioning processes, and tools and resources needed to achieve success.



Within the next quarter, the team was able to attain objectives, cease turnover, collaborate cross-functionally to improve existing and design new processes and build trust and respect. We visit this company on a regular basis for check-ups

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