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Impact of mindfulness, improv, & fun on corporate performance

Ellen Langer

Langer Institute

Bruce Montgomery Gail Montgomery and Charles Limb

fMRI behavior of an improviser's brain

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SportsProv: Improving team performance by increasing creativity

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fMRI Behavior of an Improviser's Brain

We flew out to San Francisco to have our brains studied under fMRI by world-renowned researcher Charles Limb. Charles was the pioneer who first studied the brains of jazz improvisers and discovered that they suppress their dorso lateral pre-frontal cortex (DL-PFC) when improvising (check out his TedTalk). Now he’s looking at comedic improvisers and asked us to be a part of it. Neuroscience and improvisation - who knew?!

His work ultimately inspired us to create ExperienceYes and write our book The Improv Mindset.


You should also watch his video with Ben Folds at the Kennedy Center as Ben creates an entire song in 10 minutes. 

Bruce Montgomery and fMRI
Charles Limb
Ellen Langer Headshot

Impact of Mindfulness, Improv, & Fun on Corporate Performance

We’ve also partnered with the infamous researcher and Harvard University professor Ellen Langer of the Langer Mindfulness Institute (and author of the best-seller Mindfulness).


We’ll be exploring the long-term behavioral impact of improv, mindfulness, and fun. Read our research abstract here

Ellen Langer

Improving team performance by increasing creativity

The latest academic studies demonstrate that creativity is a critical component of how well a team performs. But there aren't a lot of good tools out there that can help you increase your creativity.


Everyone knows that mindfulness, positive imagery, and ballet can positively impact individual and team performance. Now it's time to introduce something totally revolutionary to the toolbox for players: creativity training.

And how do you do that? You start with improv, then layer on a whole host of other things designed to change how your brain creatively solves problems.

Creativity training is the next big thing! Read more about it with elite figure skaters and with soccer players.

We've formed a strategic alliance with CoPeace to get with the right athletic programs. Read all about it here.

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Sports Team
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