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Gail Montgomery Headshot

Gail Montgomery, CEO & Co-Founder

Gail is on a mission to transform the training and development of teams and leaders. With so much data to support the ineffectiveness of current training, she was inspired to co-create a training approach that is consumable in smaller bites, over time. New behaviors and language can be practiced, refined and applied. She believes in the power of putting people first and has prioritized delivering hybrid training programs that are engaging, fun, and effective.


With a unique background in Human Resources, Change Management, and Training, Gail believes in “smashing” the box, loving the deep-end and ensuring fun comes first. She has worked in Corporate Human Resources as a recruiter for a Fortune 50 Global insurance company, as an Executive Director for a Non-profit Arts organization, and as a Director for a SAAS tech start-up developing Change Management and Training and Onboarding programs.


Her data-supported and proven approach helps businesses get to solutions faster, leaders and teams to work more efficiently and effectively together, and positively strengthen culture. Unique and impactful, Gail’s human-centric strategies produce increased trust, belonging and productivity.


Gail is Mom to two adult children, wife to her partner in business and laughter Bruce, a certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, a member of the AMCP (Association of Change Management Professionals), and Co-Author of two books: “The Improv Mindset” and “CHANGE! A Leaders Guide to Fixing Sh*t.”

Affiliated with Vistage Worldwide, Gail and Bruce deliver engaging "duo-notes" on Improv Mindset and Emotional Intelligence (among others) to global CEOs and leaders.

Bruce Montgomery, President & Co-Founder

Bruce has broad business experience, ranging from leading the IT organization for one of the country’s largest non-profit theatres, to driving value through strong relationships as the leader of Key Accounts for a sports and entertainment analytics company (delighting top-tier clients such as: NHL, NFL, NASCAR, and The Shubert Organization).


Prior experience includes over 15 years in IT and Management consulting, where he focused on driving adoption through structured change management and training & development.


Bruce is passionate about business-driven creativity and innovation, focusing on improving adoption through experiential and immersive engagements. He places great importance on partnering with organizations to help develop healthy cultures that lead to measurable success.


Bruce is a graduate of the University of Denver EMBA program and has been a faculty partner ever since. He is also involved with world-renowned researchers such as Charles Limb to better understand the inner workings of the brain while performing creative acts, and Ellen Langer to determine the best methods for increasing productivity through creativity. Much of these approaches are documented in the books he co-wrote with Gail; “The Improv Mindset” and "CHANGE! A Leader’s Guide to Fixing Sh*t." He is also the author of the comic thriller "Terror in the Desert", for which he did the voice-over work, as well.

​Affiliated with Vistage Worldwide, Gail and Bruce deliver engaging "duo-notes" on The Improv Mindset and Emotional Intelligence (among others) to global CEOs and leaders.

Bruce Montgomery Headshot

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