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Terror in the Desert

A Comic Thriller

Yep, when not writing about leadership development or innovation, our co-founder Bruce Montgomery wrote a comic thriller set in the desert landscape of New Mexico (the state in which he grew up). It's chock full of interesting characters, beautiful landscapes, and the occasional murder. Oh, and he did the audiobook, too.

Here's a quick breakdown:

David is a blue-collar man, spending his days managing the Albuquerque Wastewater Utility plant, and nights ruminating over his painful past. Not much of import happens in his world, and that’s just fine by him. That is, until a severed hand is found among the filtered debris of one of the waste filtration tanks. Thinking a few hours of paperwork will be all it takes to clear the episode from David’s life, fate sends a beautiful Sheriff’s Deputy named Gina, along with a series of events that drag him deep into something more sinister than he ever could have imagined.


Can this unlikely duo thwart the devious plot set in motion by a powerful Navajo casino boss? Or will the master plan leave in its wake death and destruction, shattering David’s already splintered soul just as it has finally found a kindred spirit?


A fast-paced novel full of plot twists, action, a dash of humor, and entertaining characters, Terror in the Desert will race you through spectacular New Mexican landscapes, leaving you breathless, and longing for more vivid sunsets, juniper smoke, and green chile.

Terror in the Desert book cover image
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