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Navigating Healthcare's Shifting Tides: A Leader's Journey with Keri Jaeger

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Welcome to our latest podcast episode, where we had the pleasure of interviewing Keri Jaeger, a prominent leader in the healthcare industry. Keri serves as the President of Mount Evans Hospice and Home Health Care, and in this insightful conversation, she shares her experiences, challenges, and strategies for success in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Photo of Keri Jaeger

Keri Jaeger dives into the healthcare world's dynamic shifts and how her organization is adapting. They're racing toward quality-based care with a twist - past performance data shapes payments, creating a competitive healthcare market by 2025.

Tech's Role in the Transformation

Keri's team has reimagined their approach, focusing on outcome-based data. Clinicians now fill out thorough forms at patient intake, with the info sent to Medicare for nationwide comparisons. It's complex and time-consuming.

Empowering the Heroes

Managing teams in these times is all about empowerment. Keri believes her clinicians are healthcare's unsung heroes and involving them in decision-making and quality challenges is crucial for success.

The Power of Empowerment

Keri and the hosts discuss how leaders can empower teams through tiered management, where the right people are accountable for different aspects of the organization. They also geek out about "power skills" - think improv mindset and emotional intelligence - which are essential in today's healthcare industry.

Keeping the Team Jazzed

Keri talks about keeping her team motivated with a whopping 92% staff engagement rate. The secret? Connecting every decision to the organization's mission.

Self-Care Matters

Keri spills the beans on her daily meditation routine and how it gears her up for a productive day. She's even an early bird to ensure she gets that essential "me time."

Leadership: Strengths and Challenges

Keri reflects on her leadership journey, highlighting her knack for strategy and problem-solving. She also opens up about her mission to improve personal connections with her team.

This podcast episode is a treasure trove of healthcare leadership wisdom, underlining adaptability, empowerment, and unwavering mission commitment. Keri Jaeger's journey is a beacon for aspiring healthcare leaders.

Mt Evans Hospice and Home Health Care is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) agency founded in 1980, Mount Evans provides compassionate and experienced care to individuals and families, including home health, palliative care, and hospice. In addition to medical services, Mount Evans offers grief support, caregiver support, community health services and education.


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