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The worst way to innovate is to sit at a table and brainstorm.


Your brain's Executive Judge starts to criticize EVERYTHING.

We can FIX that.

Team Working on Project

"Bruce and Gail got us to a place where we greatly expanded our thoughts. They came in and worked my executive management team and set the stage for what WellPower could be."

--Carl Clark, CEO, WellPower

Case Studies

Oil Field at Sunset

$45M Saved with New Oil Platform Design

Net Promoter Score

$8M Client Saved for Multi-national Consulting Company

Money Saving with Stacked Quarters

Increased Employee Engagement

Interesting interactive, and efficient way of thinking that I found to be helpful in creating more productive brainstorming and problem solving sessions.

--Vistage CEO member

Concrete Wall

The Three Layers of Innovation

Magnifying Glass
Writing a Sticky Note
All Hands In


Designed for boundary-breakers,

our sessions cater to companies ready to embrace the unexpected. We start by sharing meaningful insights into why and how the brain can drive or prevent successful innovation. This approach isn't just about thinking outside the box.

It's about SMASHING it.


The second layer engages participants in carefully curated activities to disrupt typical brain behaviors. Our goal is to empower teams to surpass limits, build trust and psychological safety to cultivate an environment for pioneering unique ideas. Our interventions are dynamic, fun, and data-driven.


Our third layer is dedicated to the “4x4 Box”, a facilitated interactive and time-boxed activity where the team uses unique lenses to brainstorm solutions for challenges. Then they share and evaluate ideas for effort and impact, presenting their top ideas with the group.

SMASH the box?

Contact us to find out how we can take your product, process, or opportunity to the next level 

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