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"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bruce & Gail for any keynote."

--Shaun Jackson, Senior Vice President, KUBRA

Becoming a Business Relationship "Ninja"

In today's competitive market, delivering a consistent, high-quality customer experience isn't just important—it's non-negotiable! We've got your back with three game-changing tips that will transform every customer interaction into an opportunity for trust-building, delight, and unwavering loyalty.

Key Learnings:


1. How to Listen to SERVE: In the dojo of exceptional customer service, listening isn't just a skill—it's a superpower! Learn how to harness the art of active listening to truly understand your customers' needs, desires, and concerns. With Listening to SERVE, you'll create a safe space where every customer feels valued, understood, and appreciated. Get ready to turn transactions into transformative experiences.


2. How to Collaborate: Teamwork makes the dream work, and effective collaboration takes it to a whole new level. Discover how to unleash the full potential of your teams by fostering a culture of collaboration. By working together seamlessly, sharing insights, and leveraging each other's strengths, you'll elevate your from great to unstoppable!


3. How to Be More Self-Aware: The secret ingredient to becoming a true Business Relationship Ninja? Self-Awareness! Learn how to utilize the power of self-awareness to show up as your best self in every customer interaction. By understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and triggers, you and your teams can cultivate authenticity, empathy, and trust.

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Thriving In Uncertainty with The Improv Mindset

Are you tired of feeling like your franchise is stuck in the "Twilight Zone" of challenges? We share the language and approaches to build an Improv Mindset, where thinking on your feet isn't just a skill, it's a secret weapon for success!

Key Learnings:


1. How to Use "Yes, AND": Embrace the power of "Yes, AND" to supercharge collaboration and keep conversations flowing. By building on each other's ideas instead of shutting them down, you'll unlock a treasure trove of innovation and creativity. Get ready say hello to dynamic team collaboration!


How to Navigate Tough Talks with Grace: Difficult conversations weighing you down? We share the art of graceful navigation through tricky topics and how to deal with hard conversations. By fostering a supportive and non-judgmental environment, you'll turn confrontation into constructive dialogue, paving the way for resolutions that benefit everyone involved.


How to Go From Failure to Finesse: Failure is not the end! It is a stepping stone to success. We share how to master the art of turning setbacks into opportunities for team and franchise growth. By embracing an approach of flexibility, creativity, and adaptability, you'll transform mishaps into moments of finesse, propelling your franchise to new heights of achievement!

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Shut the <BLEEP> Up

Get ready to embark on a journey that will transform the way you communicate and lead. We flip the script on the traditional notion of listening and instead dive deep into the data of WHY we suck at it, offering simple actionable ways to reap the incredible benefits from truly intentional listening.

Key Learnings:


1. How Our Brains Are Working Against Us: We unravel the mysteries behind our listening hurdles, diving into the fascinating science that explains why our minds often wander and what we can do about it. Understanding the psychology behind our listening habits will empower you to overcome these barriers and become more effective and empathetic within your team.


2. How 5-Seconds Can Change Everything: We introduce the game-changing "5-Second Rule" that will revolutionize how you engage with your team and customers. This simple yet powerful technique will help you create space for quality communication and foster meaningful connections.


3. How to Master the Art of Reading Between the Lines: Communication is not just about words—it's about understanding the unsaid. Learn how to decode nonverbal cues, subtle gestures, and underlying emotions to truly grasp what's being communicated. By honing your skills in reading between the lines, you'll unlock deeper insights, resolve conflicts more effectively, and build stronger relationships that lay the foundation for sustainable growth.

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Wonka and the Business Relationship Factory

Are you ready to step into the magical world of business relationships, where every interaction is an opportunity to influence and thrive? In this keynote, we unlock the secrets to understanding what makes others tick, empowering you to authentically influence and succeed in the workplace.

Key Learnings:


1. How to Make a Core Connection: Dive deep into the core values that drive both you and your team. Understanding why these values matter helps align business goals and also fosters genuine connections that lay the foundation for successful partnerships.


2. How to Develop a “Presence” Playbook: Learn the art of presenting yourself in the best possible light, AND how to show up for others. Whether it's mastering the art of communication, fine-tuning yourself and social awareness skills, or simply exuding confidence, discover strategies to consistently show up as your most authentic self.


3. How to Discover Your Influence Code: Armed with a newfound understanding of values and self and social awareness, leverage your influence to forge meaningful relationships with teammates. Learn how to use your “factory” knowledge as a powerful tool to authentically persuade and negotiate, creating win-win scenarios for all parties involved.

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The Mindless No

Explore the impact of the word "no" on individuals and explore data-backed strategies for framing conversations with a "Yes, AND" attitude. Turn the devastating effects of "No" into the superpower of "Yes!"

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Put On Your
Empathy Pants

You’re either born with or you’re not. WRONG! We challenge empathy myths, share how we can change the tendency we have to “fail” at it, and teach the framework for consistently demonstrating empathy to improve relationships and franchise outcomes.

Key Learnings:


1. Myths About Empathy: We challenge common misconceptions about empathy, emphasizing the need for a deeper understanding beyond surface-level gestures. It addresses the fallacy that empathy is merely about being nice or sympathetic, highlighting instead the importance of genuine understanding and connection.


2. How We Show Up and Fail: We delve into the ways in which individuals often fall short in demonstrating empathy, pointing out common pitfalls such as assuming rather than listening, or offering solutions before truly understanding the other person's perspective. By highlighting these failures, we encourage reflection on behaviors and interactions.


3. How We Can Win Every Time and Deliver: We offer practical strategies for cultivating empathy and leveraging it effectively. By emphasizing active listening, seeking to understand before being understood, and fostering genuine connections with others, you can create a culture of empathy that leads to stronger relationships and ultimately, franchise success.

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