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MPWR-ing Leaders: Managing Pressure and Transforming Teams with Eric Pfeiffer

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In a recent engaging discussion, Eric Pfeiffer, the founder and CEO of Empower Coaching, shared invaluable insights on leadership with us!

Eric’s unique approach to coaching and emphasizing a leadership operating system provides a framework for leaders to thrive under pressure and foster healthier organizational cultures.

And, he is a FORCE for good! We loved our conversation with him!

Here are three main points from our conversation that business leaders can take to heart:

1. Leading Under Pressure: The True Test of Leadership

Eric emphasizes that true leadership is tested when under pressure. He notes that everyone can lead effectively when things are going smoothly, AND the real challenge is maintaining composure and effectiveness when the stakes are high. Don't we know it! MPWR Coaching focuses on helping leaders develop resilience and effective strategies to manage stress. This ability to lead under pressure not only benefits the leader, it also sets a positive example for the entire organization. Eric’s approach includes helping leaders understand and manage their reactions to stress, ensuring they adopt behaviors that benefit both themselves and their teams. We can get behind that!

2. Self-Awareness and Self-Leadership: The Foundation of Effective Leadership

A critical missing piece in today’s leadership landscape, according to Eric, is self-awareness and self-leadership. (Emotional Intelligence, anyone?) These skills are rarely taught in traditional educational systems, yet they are essential for leading others. Self-awareness allows leaders to understand their strengths and weaknesses, leading to better self-management and more authentic leadership. Eric stresses the importance of leaders investing in their personal growth, which in turn enhances their ability to lead others. By being aware of their own behaviors and attitudes, leaders can create a more positive and productive environment. Yes, AND!

3. Empowering the Next Generation: A Leader’s Legacy

Eric highlights the importance of leaders investing in the development of the next generation. Many leaders focus on their own success, and true leadership extends beyond personal achievement to empowering others. By fostering a culture of mentorship and development, leaders can ensure their organizations continue to thrive. This involves teaching technical skills and also instilling values and attitudes that promote long-term success. Eric’s vision is for leaders to see their role as managing and nurturing the potential in others, creating a lasting impact.

Embracing Change and Fostering Communication Across Generations

In addition to these main points, Eric addresses the evolving dynamics of leadership with the influx of new generations into the workforce. He emphasizes the need for improved communication and mutual understanding between different age groups. Older leaders can offer wisdom and experience, while younger employees bring fresh perspectives and a demand for meaningful work. By appreciating these differences and working together, organizations can create a more harmonious and innovative workplace. Here! Here!


Eric Pfeiffer’s insights provide a roadmap for leaders aiming to navigate the complexities of modern leadership. By focusing on resilience under pressure, developing self-awareness, and investing in the next generation, leaders can foster healthier, more effective organizations. MPWR Coaching’s leadership operating system offers practical tools to help leaders achieve these goals, ensuring they succeed personally and contribute to the growth and success of their teams. As Eric wisely puts it, true leadership is about more than just personal achievement—it's about MPWR-ing others to reach their full potential. See what we did there?


MPWR Coaching knows what it means to plateau, struggle through transition, suffer dysfunctions, and fail to run well within teams and organizations. They've been there. They've spent years learning the secret to negotiating and overcoming these challenges in any context - becoming emotionally intelligent leaders! They have given their lives to investing in others what they have found personally transformative and MPWR-ing.


They help build leaders worth following who build organizations worth participating in. They coach leaders in emotional intelligence and help organizations establish a robust leadership operating system. They train leaders in simple tools and common language and practices so they can all get on the same page. Their leaders learn to operate well under increasing levels of pressure. They become masters at cultivating breakthroughs in every context of their leadership.


ExperienceYes is a learning and development company focused on turning soft skills into hard results with its Business Relationship and Leadership IQ programs, innovation, and mind-blowing keynotes. Contact us if you want to know more!

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