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Announcing the Creation of Dashboard Improv with Bruce & Gail

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Look, improv (for good or bad) is a significant part our lives. We use it in our marriage, we use it in our parenting, we use it in our leadership and innovation business. It's THAT important to us.

As we were sitting over dinner a few weeks back we started asking the question, "Why wouldn't we create a little YouTube channel for ExperienceYes and start posting content out there?" I mean, we're smart - we can do this right? Sure, it means that Bruce would likely need to figure out how to film, how to transfer data, how to edit it in Adobe Premiere Pro...

What came out of that first brainstorming session is Dashboard Improv with Bruce & Gail. Ever wonder what we do in the car? We improv. All of the time. Here's the first episode.

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