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More about CHANGE!

A Leader's Guide to Fixing Sh*t!

You've read 99 leadership books and you’re still searching for answers. Because something’s been missing. Something that not only gives you advice, it tells you how to get there. It gives you real ACTION.  


The modern leadership book needed to CHANGE! So, we created the book we looked for throughout our leadership journey. 

Change! Book Cover Image

About The Title

Leadership is Shifting

Leaders don't have time to waste.

Quick and actionable advice is hard to find.

The best leaders are always improving. The path to improving as a leader isn't always clear.

Leaders need to have IQ AND EQ. Connecting on a personal level is more important now than ever before. 

Leaders Need Change!

The world is already filled with people who know THINGS. What's needed is people who know about PEOPLE.

Leaders need to fix Sh*T AND provide a good place to work.

Enter CHANGE! The first leadership guide meant to quickly solve any leadership challenge quickly and efficiently.

Learn how to play the game here!

Meet Your Guides

Bruce & Gail Montgomery

Co-Founders of ExperienceYes, Bruce and Gail help leaders and teams work more efficiently, increase emotional intelligence, and develop strong foundations for company culture.

Bruce and Gail Montgomery 2023

Don't take our word for it

Here's what leaders like you are saying about Change!

Katy Gamble Headshot

Katy Gamble, UI/UX Lead
Cisco Systems

"CHANGE! is pretty friggin' spot on. I love it. I would be totally addicted to this. You've got an awesome one. It's digestible, it's quick, it's action-oriented."

Jennifer Nealson Headshot

Jennifer Nealson, Sr. VP, Global Marketing
National Cattlemen's Beef Association

"I love that. OK, I need that, and I need to read it every day Seriously...That message that you shared with me is amazing"

Gabe Ratliff Headshot

Gabe Ratliff, Founder

"Love it...I believe this is how we should show up...It's all about the team you pull together and lifting them up. This is awesome. This all seems really wonderfully relevant."

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