The Team

Our multifaceted duo has one mission: to deliver stunning results that impact, ignite, and inspire. Our work is steeped in neuroscience and driven by experiential learning. Deeply engaging, we come from the school of "fun comes first." 
Gail Montgomery
Co-Founder & CEO

Bruce Montgomery
Co-Founder & President

Gail is CEO and Founder of ExperienceYes, an innovation company that utilizes the core methodologies of improv to help companies get to solutions faster, help leaders and teams to work more efficiently and effectively, develop a foundation for a strong culture, and increased emotional intelligence.

Gail has worked with the oil and gas sector extensively in the areas of leadership development, optimization, team performance, culture and innovation. Her unique approach to company challenges has increased team performance, led to improved communication between leaders and teams and eliminated silos between functional areas.

Most recently, she built a Change Management practice and client offering for an HCM software company. She managed all facets of change management for customer implementations and customer success, including building the change management approach and organization from the ground up. 

She is passionate about partnering with companies in their ongoing efforts to align their culture with their mission, vision and values and strives to maintain a sense of fun, innovation and buy-in with employees in all industries. 

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Bruce has broad business leadership experience, ranging from leading  the IT organization for one of the country’s largest non-profit theatre, to driving value through strong relationships as the leader of Key Accounts for a sports and entertainment analytics company (delighting top-tier clients such as: NHL, NFL, NASCAR, and The Shubert Organization).

Prior experience includes over 15 years in IT and Management consulting, where he  focused on driving adoption through structured change management and training & development. 


Bruce is passionate about business-driven creativity and innovation, focusing on driving adoption through experiential and immersive engagements. He places great importance on partnering with organizations to help develop healthy cultures that lead  to measurable success.

He is involved with world-renowned researchers such as Charles Limb to better understand the inner workings of the brain while performing creative acts, and Ellen Langer to determine the best methods for increasing productivity through creativity. Much of these approaches are documented in the book he co-wrote with Gail – Brain Disruption, Radical Innovation in Business through Improv, which has been updated toThe Improv Mindset.

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