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the improv mindset

Our foundational offering, join our team for an experiential and immersive session(s) designed to teach the shared language of improv to teams.


Why does that language matter? Because like sports teams and improv teams, business teams NEED to practice! They need a language that is both shared and understood to help them connect and perform FASTER and BETTER.


And, it's all backed by neuroscientific data.


Yep. Studies show that when individuals and teams engage in improv interventions, they see the benefits of increased trust, creativity, emotional intelligence, and connectedness.


Plus, they have the added benefit of FUN (and happy people are productive people)!

Two Laughing Participants at Bruce Montgomery and Gail Montgomery workshop


Our one-of-a-kind interactive program develops the skills of agility, innovation, and collaboration within your teams. We focus on accessing new ideas by disrupting normal brain activity. We do this by teaching the foundation and shared language of The Improv Mindset through 4 "rules":

  • Yes, AND...

  • Listen to SERVE

  • Support your teammates AT ALL COSTS

  • TRUST your instincts


  • Challenge coins with 4 "rules" reminder

  • Copies of The Improv Mindset

  • Quick reference guide for applying The Improv Mindset

Kamcon - Cristina Amigoni and Alex Cullimore

Full-day or Multi-day

We start by exploring the tenets of The Improv Mindset, followed by diving into a specific challenge or need for design by applying the ExperienceYes four-step design methodology in conjunction with brain disruption:

  • Improv 

  • Identify

  • Imagine

  • Implement


  • All half-day takeaways

  • The Improv Mindset Design Process quick reference guide

  • Reflection notebook for documenting "AHA" moments

  • Design collateral (process flows, product designs, etc.), as necessary

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