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stand & deliver

Bruce Montgomery pointing at participant

Not everyone is born with the ability to get up in front of people and speak. Nor are all of the good speakers capable of remaining authentic and influential.


Imagine a workshop where your teams, regardless of the level of experience, could find THEIR voice. Where introverts can still be introverts and learn the art of “elevating” their personalities while still remaining authentic to who they are. Where extraverts understand how to meet the energy needs of the room without coming across as overbearing or loud.


Great presenters are not born. They are created and molded and developed through intentional programs designed specifically for them.


And, let’s not forget the importance of understanding how to manage “when things go wrong.” Knowing how to handle interruptions, technology fails, nerves and other mishaps elevates a “GOOD” presenter to an “EXTRAORDINARY” one.


The ExperienceYes team can brilliantly transform, educate and enhance potential speakers’ impact. Lean on us to help them do just that.

(and, if you're interested, here's an example of Bruce telling a story for the storytelling competition "The Moth.")

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