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We believe that every company is different and that the “one-size-fits-all” approach to innovation and team performance simply does not work. We customize each of our offerings to meet your goals.

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The Best Team Ever

Let’s face it – we’re horrible with change. When the world is shifting and we don’t know what to do, we FREEZE.


Improv teams live in this kind of ambiguity. They never know what they will discover, receive or create –and they do it all together, as a team.



ExperienceYes leverages the language of improv teams to show you how to initiate, support and lead from behind. You get to practice being “ALL-IN” the chaos together.



The Improv Mindset is a data-proven, neuroscientific-based tool that INCREASES your emotional intelligence, team connectivity, influence, creativity and uncertainty tolerance.

And, it’s FUN.

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Stand and Deliver.jpg

Stand & Deliver

You know it when you see it. When someone speaks with confidence, ease and influence, you just FEEL it.

What IS it that they have?


Join ExperienceYES for this NOT BORING, interactive session designed to help you become a stand-out presenter and speaker who tells stories authentically and impactfully.


We explore body language, voice and tone, content, delivery, how to leverage your “essence”, humor, the “F” word (failure), and the importance of practice.


Yeah, it’s scary. And we’re all in it together.

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Pitch It.jpg

Pitch It!

You’ve seen ‘em. Famous people who botch their first pitch at the baseball game. Don’t be them.

ExperienceYES can help your team successfully land your pitch WITHOUT getting boos from the fans.

We explore handling the unexpected, leveraging your entire team in the “right” way, choosing impactful content and getting your pitch over home plate.


Your team will get real-time feedback, opportunities for questions, video footage for future review, and practice.


Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? You’re in the right place.

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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders.jpg

Emotional Intelligence
for Leaders

Newsflash: To be a great leader, you need to have a high emotional quotient, or EQ.


Maybe you’ve heard of this?

ExperienceYes Introduces the 6 core competencies of Emotional Intelligence, what increasing these skills can mean for you as a successful manager, and how the shared language of IMPROV can be your greatest asset in your leadership toolkit.


Data shows higher EQ improves job satisfaction, employee performance, and business outcomes. It also has been proven to lower levels of employee burnout. Teams need leaders with authenticity, empathy and strong emotional reasoning skills.


It’s way past time to connect your heart with your head, don’t you think?

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Innovation Now!

Why don’t we ever put HUMANS at the center of design and innovation?


And why do we expect that all it can happen while we SIT around a table?

ExperienceYes leads a people-focused approach to challenges so you can finally see SUCCESSFUL solutions and change!


With an approach that begins with The Improv Mindset and then turns to human-centered design, you will have more ideas, a design that's built on empathy and human input, rapid prototyping, the ability to share what has been created with those who are impacted, and ultimately unveil your Rockstar innovation to the masses.


Plus, it’s a ton more fun than the “usual” way.


New process? Sure. New product? Sure. Let's do this.

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Improve Your DEI&B.jpg

Improve Your DEI & B

It’s time to do more than TALK about it.


What is DEI? Why is it tough to discuss? Why is hiring a Diversity Director NOT enough?

ExperienceYes walks you through the power of DEI and how to develop immediate and actionable initiatives to move the needle in your culture.

Participants learn how to start or continue cultivating equity, recognizing implicit biases and microaggressions, and how to change behaviors and mindsets.

Through immersive, scenario-based practice and gamification, attendees develop the skills to cultivate belonging for ALL.

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Team in Trouble.jpg

Team in Trouble

You know it when you're in it.


The team isn't communicating well. They aren't listening to each other or their business partners.


The team is AT RISK, and they are spiraling down with infighting and poor performance.

The highest performing team out there is an improv team. They not only practice succeeding together, they practice FAILING together.


The Improv Mindset serves as the core of this compelling and dynamic session that gets a group struggling to communicate or work together connecting.


Additionally,  you and your team will come away with a list of priorities and action plans to continue to address team performance immediately and going forward.

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Rapid Team Formation.jpg

Rapid Team Formation

OK, Team - get out there and get to work. FAST.


Seriously. Even faster than that.

Have a big problem and need a team to get together and start delivering as fast as possible?


There are 4 stages of team formation - Form, Storm, Norm, and Perform. The quicker that you can get to Norm/Perform, the better. We don't necessarily teach our business teams how to do that. Yet we certainly EXPECT it.


Enter ExperienceYes. We will take you through the neuroscience of team cohesion and associated team-based activities that are designed to build a team who rises to that "perform" state as fast as possible.

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Stop Selling Start Solving.jpg

Stop Selling. Start solving.
The Yes, and... Framework

Want to make more sales? Want to close that next deal?


Stop talking. Seriously. Stop talking.

ExperienceYes flagship sales training offering turns the sales process on its ear - literally.


Listening can be hard, especially when we KNOW what the perfect solution might be.


We help sales teams listen to "serve", build empathy, and develop authentic client relationships. Which naturally leads to SALES.


Think the same "old-school" sales techniques still work today? Think again.


Be a SOLVER, not a SELLER.

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The Best Team Ever
Stand & Deliver
Pitch It!
EI for Leaders
Innovation Now!
Improve Your DEI & B
Team in Trouble
Rapid Team Formation
Stop Selling Start Solving.
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