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Supply Chain Adventures: A Fun Chat with Debi Gann on Leading with Zest & Resilience (Soft Skills!)

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In this lively chat, we join forces with Debi Gann, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Armada, to dive into the wild world of supply chain leadership. From navigating industry challenges to discovering the secrets of high-performing teams, this conversation is packed with insights on resilience, essential skills, and the future of supply chain dynamics.

Industry Rollercoaster

We kick off the excitement by tackling the rollercoaster challenges of the supply chain. Debi spills the beans on the industry's persistent uncertainty, from weather events to geopolitical twists, and the ongoing quest for the right talent.

Skills Circus in Business Today

Debi takes the stage to showcase skills beyond the technical juggling act, putting resilience in the spotlight for supply chain management and team dynamics. Learn how to create environments that are not just workplaces but vibrant arenas of connection, support, and recognition for employees.

Hiring Resilient Rockstars

The conversation swings to hiring practices, where Debi advocates for a holistic approach - hey, it's not just technical skills, folks. It's soft skills! It's interpersonal skills! Forget the traditional qualifications tightrope; instead, look for candidates with passion, adaptability, and a collaborative mindset. It's a high-flying act!

Team Dynamite

We asked about the secret sauce of high-performing teams and Debi responded! Debi spills the beans on the diversity dance, the importance of clear communication, shared goals, and the mutual understanding that makes a team's performance soar.

Trust in Organizational Culture (an oxymoron?)

Debi shares insights on creating a culture that's not just a workplace, it is also a place where people feel valued, understood, and connected. Get ready for the power of positive communication and leaders showing off their authenticity.

Future Funfair

In the grand finale, Debi expresses her excitement for the future, promising a thrilling ride of positive change in the supply chain industry. Buckle up for technological leaps, engaging with a multi-generational workforce, and the joy of steering the industry toward exciting new horizons.

This conversation showcases leadership, resilience, and the ever-evolving spectacle of the supply chain industry. Get ready for wild laughs!


Armada creates innovative, fully integrated supply chain solutions that deliver competitive advantages and improve business performance for our clients.


ExperienceYes is a learning and development company focused on turning soft skills into hard results with its Business Relationship and Leadership IQ programs, innovation, and mind-blowing keynotes. Contact us if you want to know more!

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