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Podcast with ärtful: Bruce & Gail Montgomery - Innovating with improv and brain disruption

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Gabe Ratliff of ärtful. Here's what he wrote:

"In this episode, Gabe talks with Bruce & Gail Montgomery, Co-Founders of ExperienceYes, an innovation company that utilizes the core methodologies of improv to help companies get to solutions faster, help leaders and teams work more efficiently and effectively, develop a foundation for a strong culture, and increase emotional intelligence."

Check it out! (oh, and we're hilarious).



Bruce T. Montgomery

President, ExperienceYes

Co-Author: The Improv Mindset

Author: Zozobra Rising

Gail Montgomery

CEO, ExperienceYes

Co-Author: The Improv Mindset

ExperienceYes focuses on corporate innovation, culture and leadership development by leveraging the neuroscience behind improvisation and creativity.

Soft Skills. Hard Results.

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