We believe that every company is different and that the “one-size-fits-all” approach to innovation and team performance simply does not work. We customize each of our offerings to meet your goals.

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IMPROV(e) Team Performance

Today's teams are under tremendous pressure – deadlines, new product development, doing more with less. They must learn to be responsive, creative, mindful and flexible. Our  engaging Team Performance Workshops approach team effectiveness in a unique way, focusing on adaptability, shared language, meaning, and fun and have led to increased productivity, NPS scores, and trust.


Deliverables include:

Areas of focus:

-  Communication (Courageous conversations, effective feedback, listening)

-  Learning to leverage personality assessments

-  Emotional Intelligence

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improv(e) innovation

Business conditions are constantly changing, and the need to solve problems quickly and effectively is critical. Our Innovation Workshops teach teams methods of decreasing the time spent on the form / storm / norm / perform continuum while practicing solving problems quickly. The focus quickly turns to analyzing your current business challenges using the same tools.


Areas of focus:

-  Process optimization
-  Product redesign
-  Rapid-fire problem solving

-  Facilitated brainstorm sessions with action-oriented timelines for execution

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improv(e) presence

Public speaking is rated one of the strongest fears for most people. And yet what do we do to hone that craft? Arguably, the digital age has forced us to present our ideas even more creatively. Our  Presence Workshop gives your leaders tools to hone their authenticity and learn how to successfully communicate the “right” message, regardless of the medium.


Learning objectives include:

- Identifying your message
- Using software as a tool, not as the content delivery system
- Immediate feedback and course correction

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IMPROV(e) your storytelling

How many times have you been riveted by a good story? You might have the perfect solution or the greatest product, but without the story to go along with it there can be challenges getting it over the finish line. Stories capture our imaginations in a way that our data-driven society can’t. Our Pitch/Storytelling workshops focus on getting to the core of your message.


Focus areas include:

- Understanding your audience
- Engendering authenticity
- Creating an “experience” for your listeners
- Responding to the unexpected

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IMPROV(e) your culture

Culture is the life blood of an organization. It is how people feel at work, their sense of belonging, value and respect. It can be shifted by many outside factors, such as mergers and acquisitions, turnover, reductions in force, new executive leadership, toxic employees, bad processes, etc. It is also directly responsible for the level of engagement at which most employees perform. It deserves intentional attention and care to prevent it from becoming unhealthy. Our "Culture of YES" workshops help create, fix and establish the culture you want to align with company values.

Areas of learning include:

- Creating a shared language
- Understanding Mission, Vision and Values and aligning with the culture
- Collaboration as a tool for breaking down silos