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leadership 101

Woman Laughing at Bruce Montgomery and Gail Montgomery workshop

1-Day Session

This session is intended for employees who are newly promoted or are on the pathway to leadership.


We cover what leadership truly entails and what it means to lead in the 21st century.


We dive into the delicate development of trust within teams, the different types of feedback, listening to serve, emotional intelligence, and how to be successful from the start.


Finally, we introduce them to their new leadership "toolbox" full of tips for success.​

Concious Entrepreneur Summit team working together

2-Day Intensive

This session encompasses all content from day one and digs deeper into the "meatier" aspects of leading. We focus on the more complex responsibilities of running effective and efficient meetings and provide active scenario practice intended to guide each person through the difficult task of managing conflict.


We teach the shared language of "The Improv Mindset" and how having a foundational understanding of this resource can improve agility, nimbleness, and uncertainty tolerance (a requirement for any leader).



  • The Leader's Toolbox - A quick reference guide filled with course content and actionable tips for everyday leadership needs, building high-performing teams, managing feedback and conflict and beyond.

  • Leadership Journal

  • Leadership Emotional Intelligence Tips quick reference guide

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