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Our dynamic executive "DUO" offers several Keynotes from 45-60 minutes in length. (We call it a "duo-note." Clever, right?) 

As former professional actors and management consultants, we bring a presentation flare that is non-traditional, fun, and experiential. There's nothing "typical" about them.

When you want fun, polished, and engaging speakers, look no further than our Executive team of CEO Gail Montgomery and President Bruce Montgomery.

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the secret weapon

Businesses and leaders need a “Secret Weapon” to manage ambiguity, build high-performing teams, and stay ahead of the competition.

In this interactive and high-energy keynote, we share what that secret is, and how to get it.

Couple laughing at Bruce Montgomery and Gail Montgomery.jpg
what's your EQ?

Did you know you can’t change your IQ? Yep, that’s right. You are as smart as you will ever be.

Luckily, the hot and in-demand skill you CAN improve is your EQ, or Emotional Intelligence. Let us show you how!

Cristina Amigoni at KamCon laughing at Bruce Montgomery and Gail Montgomery
willy wonka and the business relationship factory

​Veruca Salt sings “I want the WORLD!” and it immediately reminds us of one of our clients, customers, or co-workers.

We explore how to be successful by showing up for people based on who they ARE using personality shortcuts. Understanding this benefits you AND them.

Woman smiling at Bruce Montgomery and Gail Montgomery keynote
shut the <bleep> up!

We don’t know when to stop talking. We really, really don't! 

We explore how to ACTUALLY listen and discover the best ways to be in a position to "solve" not "sell." 

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