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innovation now!

Team working together on innovation project
Single man working on innovation project

Are you one of those folks that dreads the statement, “Hey everybody. Let’s meet in the conference room and brainstorm.”




Us too. There is nothing worse than a bunch of people sitting around a table staring blankly at a whiteboard or post-it pad trying to come up with ideas for the next BIG thing.


And guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way! Nope. For one thing, data shows that your brain doesn’t “storm” very well when you sit. For another, it sure as heck isn’t any FUN...


...which is why you need the team from ExperienceYes. 

We start by meeting with and listening to YOU. What is the purpose of the innovation session?

  • Solving a challenge?

  • Redesigning a process or product?

  • Creating something entirely NEW?


Whatever the need, we design a session that is fun, experiential, and inclusive to meet your needs. We help facilitate accountability plans that meet the needs of your timeline. Then, we collect, process, and digest the information to arrange and deliver it to you in a highly organized and actionable way.


We can even help you identify WHO should be in the room. Cross-functional teams? External or remote teams? Investors and employees? We can support the outcome by recommending people who will offer the most value.


Innovation should be fun! There SHOULD be a storm in your brain. Not a boring meeting dominated by the same people with the same old methodologies you have always used.

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