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improv(e) your dei & b

Business team working together during DEIB session
Laughing Couple at KamCon

Many businesses are finally putting real effort, investment, and time into developing their DEI&B initiatives.


Most people know diversity of thought, experience, and background makes for incredible innovation, market share, and relevance.


Most people also know that equity is created by intentional analysis and adjustments to salaries, titles, and representation. And, that inclusion is a critical component to creating cultures that feed employee engagement and happiness.

Belonging is the magical by-product of a genuinely cultivated and cared-for DEI program.

As experts in the field of improvisation, we believe there is no higher performing team than one that engages in the shared language and behavior of improv. It is the great equalizer. It is a tool used to develop and deepen empathy behaviors, and it allows for failure in a non-threatening way.


As companies move from designating and tokenizing diverse employees to be the sole educators within their businesses to recognizing the importance of an “ALL HANDS IN” mentality, we are a part of the toolbox that helps them build, grow and thrive in their efforts.

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