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Leadership (and the practice of leadership) is not an innate trait given to some and not to others. Rather, it's a skill - a skill that must be cultivated and encouraged through practice.


It's why it's called "leadership development," which is best learned through immersive experiences and practical application.


Welcome to the ExperienceYes leadership experience. 

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the improv mindset

In this ever-changing business market, it feels like businesses and leaders need a “Secret Weapon” to be successful.

We teach you to manage ambiguity, build high-performing teams, and creatively stay ahead of the competition.

Woman Laughing at Bruce Montgomery and Gail Montgomery workshop
leadership 101

Most leaders are promoted without the benefit of learning and refining the skills necessary to successfully lead projects or teams.

Prepare your people with either our 1-or 2-day high-impact courses.

Business Team Working Together
"elevate your leadership" program

This program is designed to create higher performing leaders.

Even the most seasoned leaders need to continually develop. Great leaders know this already.

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