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emotional intelligence

Studies have shown that the most successful businesses are those that utilize Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as an integral part of their business practices.


The power of high EQ among leaders and teams sets companies apart from their competitors, cultivates safe psychological spaces, and increases trust.

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Group Smiling at KamCon keynote led by Bruce Montgomery and Gail Montgomery
intro to emotional intelligence

This session is an introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and its benefit among teams and leaders.

We start with an overview of EQ in comparison to IQ and then dive into the definition and value of the six core Emotional Intelligence competencies.

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emotional intelligence program

Who doesn’t want their teams and leaders to have strong Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

It is highly desirable trait in leaders and teams, and unlike IQ, it IS malleable and can be increased through this EQ program.

Woman pointing at a workshop led by Bruce Montgomery and Gail Montgomery
Put Your Empathy Pants On

We have designed a course specifically targeting the need for Empathy in the workplace.

Designed to increase a company’s culture of belonging, our team delivers an interactive and meaningful class to address this fundamental and important skill.

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