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"elevate your leadership" program

Business Team Working Together
Bruce Montgomery and Gail Montgomery in front of Play

We're gonna say it. Your leadership teams are missing POWER skills. Solid and meaningful relationships are more important than ever. And developing them can't be done in the same "old" ways. In fact, new studies show that the top skills leaders need are:

  • Creativity & Trust

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Active Listening

  • Influence


Our “ELEVATE” Leaders Program addresses these needs in a unique and impactful way through experiential learning, activities, and practical experience. This immersive program is designed to align, connect, and develop high-performing leadership teams.


We leverage any assessments used in the past and/or introduce our assessment tools to understand the team's strengths and areas of opportunity. We teach the shared language of "The Improv Mindset", and introduce the power of Emotional Intelligence, listening to serve, and empathy.

The program includes:

  • Team and Personality Assessments along with analysis and recommendations for alignment*

  • Emotional Intelligence assessments

  • Activities to refine listening and awareness, and practice elicitation techniques

  • Tools to create powerful influence and engagement with your teams

  • Decision frameworks

  • Conflict resolution

  • Working agreements


*Or the analysis and application of recent assessment(s)

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