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building emotional intelligence program

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This 3-month program begins with a facilitated 2-hour session exploring Emotional Intelligence core competencies, program highlights and objectives, and activities that demonstrate understanding of EQ.


Separately, we provide online and confidential self, 180/360 assessments for participants that culminate in individual 1:1 debriefs to interpret the results. Through guided report analysis and reflection on challenges and trends, we assist participants in self-designing a plan of multiple actions with specific timelines and targeted goals.


We encourage individuals to share insights and plans with their assessors.


We support intended outcomes by providing a toolbox with tips for increasing EQ, digital and paper copies of assessments and action plans, as well as a reflection journal.

The program wraps up with a secondary set of assessments, individual debriefs and executive summary reporting to indicate the shifts in behaviors and real-time ROI.


  • Guidebook and tips for improving Emotional Intelligence

  • Executive summary and digital copies of all assessments

  • Reflection notebook for documenting individual goals, action plans, and timelines

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