Neuro Study

POSTPONED: Send ExperienceYes and EPiC improv to Have Their Brains Studied!


We’ve had to postpone our research study as we work through some scheduling conflicts with our researcher. We will update soon with new developments as we have them!

How will ExperienceYes and EPiC do it?

The first part of the study will examine the brains of our 12 EPIC members through functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as they do creative and non-creative tasks.

The second part of the study will focus on test subjects that have no experience with improv. We contend that you don’t need to be an expert at improv to get the benefits of doing improv-based tasks. So, we’ll take a group of business professionals and measure their brains “before improv” and “after improv.”

The research will be driven by ExperienceYes and EPiCureans Bruce and Gail Montgomery.


Why do it?

The answer is simple: this kind of neuroscientific data continues to legitimize the arts in business. We get away from “soft skills” and have very tangible hard skills that can be measured and improved. Having this kind of data has the potential┬áto revolutionize businesses.

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