We’re excited to be working with not one but TWO fantastic researchers!

We recently flew out to San Francisco to have our brains studied under fMRI by world-renowned researcher Charles Limb. Charles was the pioneer who first studied the brains of jazz improvisers and discovered that they suppress their dorso lateral pre-frontal cortext (DL-PFC) when improvising (check out his TedTalk). Now he’s looking at comedic improvisers and asked us to be a part of it.

We’ve also partnered with world-renowned researcher and Harvard University professor Ellen Langer of the Langer Mindfulness Institute (and author of the best seller Mindfulness). We’re looking for a strategic corporate partner to explore the long-term behavioral impact of improv, mindfulness, and fun. Read our two-page abstract here: ExperienceYes – Ellen Langer – Research Two-Pager.

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