ExperienceYes is an innovation company that uses the tools and techniques of BRAIN DISRUPTION to engage free flowing creativity.

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When you practice shutting off what is known as the “Executive Judge” in the brain, the ability to ideate and problem solve without the hindrance of an “it can’t be done” mentality is easily accessed.
Studies have proven that “a single, promising, creative idea is strongly correlated (r2=.82) with the ability to quickly generate ideas.” (Kudrowitz, 2010)
Our methods have shown that programs using improv-based methodologies which disrupt the brain can increase the ability to generate ideas by up to 68%. That’s right, 68%!

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We believe that every company is different and that the “one-size-fits-all” approach to innovation and team performance simply does not work. We customize each of our offerings to meet your goals.

The Team

Our multifaceted duo has one mission: to deliver stunning results that impact, ignite, and inspire. Our work is saturated in strategy and incepted through a lens of deep experience.

Gail Montgomery

gailGail Montgomery
Before founding ExperienceYes in 2013, Gail spent time in a variety of industries, notably as a Human Resources professional for a Fortune50 company headquartered in New York City where she streamlined hiring processes and developed her own playbook for hiring the “right” candidate. As Executive Director of a local non-profit arts organization, she brought her professional rigour and creative thinking to a company in need of creative guidance. Gail is passionate about culture and innovation and is co-author of the recently published book Brain Disruption: Radical Innovation in Business through Improv, where she explores the neuroscience behind creativity and how to move teams to that next inspired level.


bruceBruce Montgomery
Before founding ExperienceYes in 2013, Bruce spent 5 years as the senior IT leader for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, the largest non-profit theatre company in the country, where he was responsible for IT strategy, infrastructure, customer data, and business intelligence. Prior experience includes over 15 years in IT and Management consulting, where he was focused on driving adoption through structured change management and training & development. Driven by creativity and the need for answering the question, “What’s next?”, Bruce co-authored the recently published book Brain Disruption: Radical Innovation in Business through Improv, where he explores how the mechanics of improv can drastically change team performance and organizational culture.

We’re excited to be working with not one but TWO fantastic researchers!

We recently flew out to San Francisco to have our brains studied under fMRI by world-renowned researcher Charles Limb. Charles was the pioneer who first studied the brains of jazz improvisers and discovered that they suppress their dorso lateral pre-frontal cortext (DL-PFC) when improvising (check out his TedTalk). Now he’s looking at comedic improvisers and asked us to be a part of it.

We’ve also partnered with world-renowned researcher and Harvard University professor Ellen Langer of the Langer Mindfulness Institute (and author of the best seller Mindfulness). We’re looking for a strategic corporate partner to explore the long-term behavioral impact of improv, mindfulness, and fun. Read our two-page abstract here: ExperienceYes – Ellen Langer – Research Two-Pager.


We’ve worked with a variety of companies and industries – from Fortune 50 telecom to oil & gas to universities / colleges.

The Book

Need your teams to come up with that “next big thing?”  Want to infuse or perpetuate a culture of innovation? Follow along with these two dynamic authors as they take you through Brain Disruption, one of the most engaging and powerful methods to getting individuals, teams and organizations to step up and solve problems. Steeped in the world of improv comedy, this no-nonsense guide provides a window into the neuroscience behind creativity and idea generation. Filled with exercises and activities, you’ll be able to apply the lessons in this book almost immediately.

“I loved Brain Disruption. Bruce and Gail Montgomery fuse fun, effective principles of improv theater with extensive real-world experience helping teams amp up their ability to innovate. Lucid and entertaining, this book provides practical, approachable exercises grounded in up-to-the-minute brain research. For anyone who wishes to understand and practice innovation in a more disciplined and effective way, this book is an instantly usable and worthwhile manual.”

‒ Arthur Blume, Engineering Manager, Google


“In an entertaining and easy read, this book offers the basic tools to allow the readers to maximize their creative problem-solving skills in any organizational structure.  The authors provide a unique perspective to teach a practical approach to formulating solutions to problems within any institution or organization in both the public and private sector.”

‒ Lawrence J. Siegel, Dean and Professor, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, and Associate Provost for Graduate Professional Education, Yeshiva University


If you own, lead or support an organization focused on creating innovative solutions, then THIS IS A MUST READ.  I have read more business books than I can count and this fantastic guide to disruptive thinking is high on my recommended read list.  My company, ISSAC Corp, is focused on innovation to solve incredibly complex problems—This process will greatly impact our future level of success.”

‒ Tim Jones, President & CEO, ISSAC Corp

“Brain Disruption practices what it preaches by taking an innovative approach to increasing innovation. With their 30 years of experience in acting and in business, Bruce and Gail Montgomery demonstrate how unleashing the power of improvisational acting can help people generate more ideas, teams work together more effectively, and companies compete better. Every company and every person who wants to be more creative, more innovative, and more successful will benefit from the tools and techniques in this book.”

‒ Daniel Park, Chief Campus Counsel, UC San Diego


“The Montgomery team put science and art together in a tidy package called Brain Disruption. It is fascinating to see how understanding the neuroscience behind the creative process will help all of us get better at the innovation process. This book will be useful to our Executive MBA students as they combine the disciplines of finance, accounting, marketing, and leadership to build the organizations of the future. This is a great book for anyone looking to find the hard solutions to organizational aggravations.”

‒ Kerry Plemmons, Professor of Practice, Daniels School of Business, University of Denver


“I can’t wait to start using Brain Disruption with my team. I see this approach as our next way of staying competitive in the marketplace and driving significant change in our business.”

‒ Josh Pinkert, CIO, Encana

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